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Traditional buildings are becoming less popular as people explore other alternative building materials. Metal buildings are not new to the construction industry, but the wide variety of custom-designed metal buildings that are hitting the market makes them worth a second look. 

Innovation in terms of metal construction is endless. These buildings work well for many industrial and commercial businesses, as well as for beautiful homes. The steel frames are durable and complicated to construct. This article is meant to help you overcome the misperceptions about steel buildings and discover their superior advantages. The benefits of metal buildings are endless! 

Metal Buildings Are Easily Customizable 

It doesn’t matter what your needs are; steel buildings can be customized to fit exactly what you want. It can be a retail space, warehouse, event center, garage, or even a home. It’s difficult to have this level of flexibility and personalization when using other construction materials. These days, metal buildings can be manufactured with shapes, colors, and textures of other materials while still maintaining the high quality of metal. Take the roof panels, for example; they can mimic asphalt shingles. You can also paint them with various colors to create the aesthetic you want. 

All you need is a workable idea, and AlaMetals will do the rest! Even the building interior can be customized to anything you want. You have small offices or an open space concept. Customization is one of the leading reasons why most builders turn to metal buildings. 

Metal Buildings Require Low Maintenance 

Metal is easier to maintain and clean than brick or wood. It’s even better when you use quality paint for the finishing. All buildings undergo wear and tear over time, and it can be very costly trying to maintain their structural integrity, but maintenance is easier with metal because it’s durable and pest resistant. 

Metal buildings aren’t susceptible to pests like termites that can be very destructive. They don’t rot like wood. Your structure can withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions. Of course, you will need preventative maintenance from time to time. But it’s not as demanding as traditional buildings. 

Metal gives you a lot of strength without bulkiness. Stone can also offer great strength, but it’s not always practical. When you need a functional building that isn’t going to cost a fortune in maintenance, steel is the way to go. Enjoy your building for many years without diminishing returns! 

There is a specialized metal coating to protect your building from rust, making maintenance even easier. Long-term maintenance is something to consider when choosing building materials. 

Metal Buildings Offer Shorter Construction Times 

Pre-engineered construction kits reduce the construction time significantly. Every fabricated metal structure is designed for easy assembly. AlaMetals will manufacture with precise specifications to ensure everything runs smoothly during construction. 

Besides securing a building permit, the main thing you have to do is prepare the site and lay down the foundation. Time frame-wise, you can get the construction area prepped while the metal building is being manufactured. Once the building materials arrive, it will only take a short time to complete the building. 

As much as your building comes pre-engineered, it still requires skilled labor to get off the ground. Be sure to hire the right people to make the project go faster. \ 

Fabricated buildings are created in parts that require fasteners to attach and form a structure. This doesn’t take much time, especially when the workers have done it before. That’s why your building will take a shorter time than traditional constructions. If you want a faster return on your investment, metal buildings should be considered. 

Metal Buildings Are Cost-Effective 

The cost-effectiveness of these buildings makes them an excellent fit for commercial businesses. Usually, commercial buildings are larger than homesteads and require many materials to construct. With steel, you can get a quality structure while being economical. 

The installation process and other factors make metal buildings affordable. You don’t require any welding, bending, or cutting. Everything is done at the manufacturing plant, and you’ll only need to bolt the parts together at the construction site.  

It’s also great when your supplier has discounts or other ways of making your purchase more cost-effective. The maintenance costs are also low, which adds to the point that these buildings are more affordable. You won’t spend a lot during construction or long-term maintenance. 

Metal Buildings Are Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly 

Steel reduces the overall negative environmental impact. Metal is 100% recyclable, so when it’s finally time for demolition, the material won’t go to waste. It won’t lose its quality even after being recycled. There is a huge emphasis now more than ever on going green. If that’s something you are conscious of, steel buildings should be your go-to. 

During construction, there are no toxic fumes from the work that could lead to harming the environment. Sustainable construction has made many property owners turn to metal materials. They have a favorable profile when it comes to sustainability. 

The buildings are also very energy efficient because they are easy to insulate. They offer better seals around the windows and doors. This will help you lower the cooling and heating bills, especially during extreme weather.  

You can modify the building further to increase energy efficiency. The building also comes with a wide variety of roof colors and low-profile roofs that help reduce energy costs. You can insulate the structure with metal panels, fiberglass, rigid board, or any other material.  

Metal Buildings Are Easy To Expand 

You may need to expand your current property for one reason or the other. If it’s a traditional building, you’ll need a lot of time, material, and labor to complete the project. Metal buildings, on the other hand, are pretty easy to expand. Once the metal building is completed, it still remains very flexible. 

The design can easily be reworked. You can build upwards or enclose more floor space if you need a bigger space. Your steel frames can handle the additional weight from the added stories. Commercial buildings are the most prone to expansion. As the business grows, you might need to add more office space or expand the warehouse to hold more supplies. 

Metal buildings will not stand between you and growth. You can hire qualified contractors to help you expand the building’s footprint. Also, metal buildings can be dissembled, moved, and reassembled again. If you are relocating to a new area, you can take your building with you. 

Essential Metal Building Construction Tips 

Steel buildings are some of the most versatile, flexible, and durable solutions available today. But if you are new to these buildings, these tips will go a long way: 

1. Have a Plan 

Discuss your plan with AlaMetals so that we can create a timeline and help you complete your project swiftly. Ask about our customization options before you finalize the plan. We may have an already-established plan that fit your needs, and you can use that! 

2. Always Assess The Building Materials After Delivery 

Metal building kits come with different components. When the supplier delivers the material at the job site, ensure all the parts are there. Missing a few connectors can be costly. Checking the material will allow you to issue a complaint to the manufacturers before you start construction. Working with a reliable company helps a lot. 

3. Be Ready For Delivery 

You have to ensure your foundation and everything else are ready before delivery. This will speed up the construction process. You should also have all the proper tools on site to ease the assembly process. Your site should also be accessible to the delivery trucks. Coordinate with the manufacturer so that you are there to receive the materials on delivery day. 

Final Thoughts 

Metal buildings have a lot of advantages compared to traditional buildings. When you finally decide to get your metal construction project started, contact AlaMetals! We’ll help you get your project off the ground and construct your dream building.  

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