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From residential to commercial and agriculture properties, the Ala Metals team is here to guide you through your dream build.

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Because the steel is lightweight, the process of assembling and installing the warehouse is relatively quick and simple. Depending on the size that you purchase, your warehouse may be installed in less than a day without the use of heavy machinery. Even large metal warehouses can be installed with relative speed and minimal use of equipment.

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Pole Barns

We offer you affordable pole barns by cutting intermediaries. We ship custom barn poles directly from our manufacturing sites to your doorstep, saving you more money. The average delivery time within near locations is about a day or two, or 72 hours in distant destinations. Even better, we can arrange a pick up for you on the same day.

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Barndominiums are a great weekend or holiday home for relaxing with the family. There are many things you can do to make it suit your lifestyle. First, you can partition the space to add more rooms into the home, like the swimming pool area, kitchen area, sleeping area and entertainment area. You can also leave the space open and convert the space into a conference room. You can also have an extension that acts as the garage area or put up a retail shop. There is no restriction to what you choose to make your barndominium.

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Metal Cabins and Lodges

Is your ideal dream build a metal cabin or lodge? Our team is here to help guide you through the planning and development of your dream. With a range of styles, and styles, we’ll make sure your dream becomes a reality.

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Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are a great alternative for someone looking for some extra storage but short on space. Because many homeowners value the extra space, sheds tend to add to a home’s value. As a result, a metal shed is an excellent choice for those looking to sell their home or simply have some extra storage space around the house.

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Metal Garages

Metal garages are a durable and high quality way to store cars, trucks, RVs, boats and other equipment. The limits for storage are endless in a metal garage. Metal garages can be used on personal property for daily use or on commercial property for extra company storage.

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Metal Pool Houses

Metal pool houses are a unique way to add character to your pool area, while providing extra room for play. Whether you’re looking for a space to hide inflatables and rafts or you’re looking for an extra place to relax, pool houses make a great addition to any backyard oasis.

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